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Ariana Grande Is Dating Austrialian YouTube Star Jai Brooks


Former Victorious star Ariana Grande is dating Jai Brooks, one of the guys in JANOSKIANS, a popular group on YouTube. If you’ve never heard of this group, here is a brief description of them:

We are the JANOSKIANS –

Just, Another, Name, Of, Silly, Kids, In, Another, Nation.

We are a group of 5 teenage boys who are quite well known on the internet, i.e.: Facebook, You-tube / Twitter / Tumbler / U-stream etc. and are mainly viewed by a teenage audience. We have been making a series of short videos now, ranging from mockumentarys, awkward situations, dares and pranks, video blogs, ‘fan mail’ videos and ‘questions and answer’ videos for the past 7 months. We now have over 100,500 subscribers on our you-tube channel, with nearly 20 million views worldwide on our account and have over 1 million hits on both the video’s ‘AWKWARD TRAIN SITUATIONS’. Ironically, we are pretty very well mannered, kind/kind hearted, religious, athletic and fit, healthy and down to earth – which we believe is the key to our success in this situation.

Interestingly enough, Ariana and Jai have been together since last summer although they just “officially” met. Moreover, he plans on spending more time in the US which hopefully we will see more of Ariana and Jai together.

Do you think Ariana and Jai are cute together? More importantly, do you think they will last? Share your thoughts with us!

Article source from Nickutopia

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  1. Abel

    HEL* NO!celebities rarely last in relationships…

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