Ariana Grande Has Boyfriend Jai Brooks Do Makeup Tag


Ariana Grande has a lot more free time now that Victorious is done filming and while she awaits for her new show. So what is a bored girl supposed to do? It turns out she likes to play with makeup(as most girls her age do) and hang out with her boyfriend! Jai Brooks and Ariana decided to copy one of YouTube’s most popular tags in the so called beauty guru community, which is the boyfriend does make-up tag. Somehow Ariana was able to get her Australian boyfriend to do it for her and on camera for her fans! We are sure it took some serious bribes, but it turned out to be entertaining for all sides. You can catch the video down below.

Ariana’s boyfriend is a good sport for doing the video. I think that makes him a keeper in a lot of ways since he must enjoy random videos enough to be in one. I wonder how she was able to convince him though? I doubt he jumped at the chance and even she looked concern in the video. It seems like the video was done simply to keep herself and her fans entertained, even if it did scare her. To be honest though, I think most girls would be concerned if their guys did their makeup since most know nothing about it at all. That in itself could be nerve wrecking without the added concern over the world being able to view it. Ariana and Jai are both brave souls by far.

How do you like the video? Would you be as brave as Ariana? I am not sure if I could be. She clearly has a lot of confidence and knows it is all purely entertainment, but I do think even she had her doubts despite her passion behind the video. The girl works hard to keep her fans content and this video could be used as a prime example of that. I just hope that she didn’t find herself too embarrassed by the outcome by her endearing boyfriend.

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