AnnaSophia Robb Still Not Trusted? The Carrie Diaries Teaser


The Carrie Diaries seems to be doing well enough to allow CW to release new teasers and clips all of the time. So that brings us to their newest one for upcoming episode, “Critics Cheer”.

In the preview we see that AnnaSophia Robb is still suffering from her father worrying about who she hangs out with. It seems like he knows that she doesn’t have some of the best people around her, like Larissa and Sebastian. You can watch the preview down below to see what I mean by her father not letting up on who she talks or hangs out with. As for when the episode actually airs, it will be on January 28th.

I am really surprised by how much I like the series. I honestly thought that I wouldn’t since I never liked the sequel nor movies based on Carrie. But I do and I am really looking forward to the third episode. I hope that this show does not wind up canceled since it is a solid one that has proven itself to be juicy enough for teens. I know that was one of my big bones to pick with it and it has proven me wrong. I think everyone can relate to the teenage Carrie at some point, so it is winner in my eyes for that fact alone. However, AnnaSophia is also outstanding in it as she always is. This girl can act and does well in many different scenarios which are proven on this show if you ask me.

How do you like The Carrie Diaries? I love it and I am not ashamed to admit it. I wish that they could have kept her the same for the other series, but at least we get a glimpse of a more decent side of her. As for this preview, it looks amazing as usual. So fat they haven’t missed a mark and I am starting to think that they won’t just by seeing this preview. It looks like the writers know what the fans want and that is exciting for us who want to see more drama and less NYC.

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