AnnaSophia Robb Goes To Wild Halloween Party – The Carrie Diaries Fright Night Preview


The Carrie Diaries has a new preview for February 4th episode, “Fright Night” and it will be a fun episode! Carrie and her friend Larissa attend a Halloween party that includes the rest of Carrie’s friends and Walt finds his true colors! And Larissa finds herself needing to be watched by Carrie, who is surprised that she took a potentially deadly substance that makes her very strange. Poor Carrie is left to pick up the pieces and be the mature one in her group. You can catch the preview down below to see what happens with Walt and find out what Larissa used behind poor Carrie.

I am not surprised about Walt, when you consider how he treated his ex-girlfriend. I didn’t think that would be too far behind and it looks like that I was right. It will be interesting to see how his friends react when he announces it or they catch him. As for Carrie, I think she is being used by Larissa and she is sadly too naïve to believe it. I hope that she wakes up soon enough before she finds herself in serious trouble thanks to her so-called friend who has introduced her to the NYC high life. I would think that she would start to catch on by now, but I suppose any teen would want to believe in the best for someone that they find as super cool. It is rather sad, but it does help to provide some major drama for fans of the new series.

How do you like the preview? Did you question Walt’s orientation? I don’t see how anyone could not when he kept trying to like Maggie, but you could tell that his feelings were forged. So I am not sure if any of us could be actually be surprised. As for Carrie, I am hoping that she gains some real friends outside of Larissa and her flaky high school pals. She needs some good examples set before her and I don’t think any of them can provide her with that. Especially when they are putting her in troubling situations.

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