Aladdin Heads To Broadway


Disney is bringing the classic 90s film, Aladdin to Broadway! Rumors for a musical version of the movie have been buzzing around for a while and with the close of Mary Poppins, Disney moved into action for the live version of Aladdin. Right now since it has been just confirmed, not much is known about it except for the fact that the play will likely debut on Broadway next spring (2014). That will allow the team to develop and cast the new version, as well as to train the actors for it. Sadly we do not have a word on it going off Broadway, but it is a possibility that has happened before for Disney musicals.

I am so happy! I always loved Aladdin and I cannot wait to hear more about this Broadway take on it. It sounds like it could be a perfect excuse for adults who grew up watching it to revive their inner child. It also sounds like a good enough excuse to to travel to NYC once it does debut, if you have never been there but loved the movie. The musical will lighten up the mood and attitude towards Broadway, I do believe. Sort of like how The Lion King did just that. I don’t see how any true Disney fan would not be excited over this news, especially after so much chatter has been made about it.

Do you support the idea? I do and I would love to see it once it is in production. It was one of those movies that was just magical and I am sure it will feel magical on stage as well. Plus with a new breath of air blown into it, I think we all might learn a new level of appreciation for it as well. Maybe take a closer look at the story or music, or the culture that it shows. All those smaller details might finally be paid attention to, which would make it feel brand new again. I know that excites me and yes, I am a proud Disney nerd for the classics, which Aladdin now falls into now that it is 20 years old. Which Disney classic would you like to see besides Aladdin head to Broadway?

article source-Disney Dreaming

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