Pop sensation Demi Lovato recently gave an amazing performance of her hit “Give Your Heart A Break” on VHI Divas and we’ve got the video of it below.

Even though Demi gave a rockin’ performance of her own, she wasn’t afraid to share the spotlight with other performers. Here is the special tweet she shared about Miley on Twitter:

How great was @MileyCyrus’s performance tonight? Beautiful, stunning and bad ass. All in one #rockstar

Miley shared the love with the following tweet:

@ddlovato well you know the feelings mutual boooo…. Beautiful, stunning and don’t get me started on THAT ass. Haha ÔŁĄgood seeing u 2day :)

It sounds like it was an awesome night for all. It’s even more awesome that Demi and Miley are comfortable enough with their own careers that they don’t feel the need to compete with each other. And who knows? Maybe the former Disney stars will collaborate for a future project together!

Did you catch VHI Divas last Sunday night? Who’s performance was your favorite? Did you think Demi Lovato rocked the stage with her song “Give Your Heart A Break? Would you like to see the girls collaborate on a future project? Let us know your thoughts on all of this.

Article source from Cambio