Victorious – Victoria Justice Crys Berry Juice in One Thousand Berry Balls

With the final season of Victorious airing, we are seeing a lot more of the show and the newest episode is not an exception. Tori (Victoria Justice) finds herself broke and Andre gets her a job at a yogurt counter to give out Berry Ball samples. She gladly takes the job, only to learn that it isn’t easy as it sounds. Meanwhile her friend Cat (Ariana Grande) finds herself not wanting to go to the dance with Robbie, but she also doesn’t want him to go with anyone else. She runs away and tries to avoid being asked about the Cow Wow dance, however Robbie finds her and tells her that he is taking another girl.

As you can assume, she doesn’t take it well and decides to do what any girl would do her shoes, make him jealous. Poor Cat seems unsure of what she wants in reality (like when she says that she likes Robbie, but refers to going to the dance with him as gross) and always running away from Robbie. It seems like they will never have the healthy relationship that she would want.

In the mean time Tori starts working and wears a costume that she and Andre refer to as “hideous”, which they find out the boss’s wife was the designer. Well, needless to say, the reason he is paying so much because it’s hard to offer those yogurt balls to people. Nobody wants them, which Tori quickly learns of thanks to their public displeasure of the yogurt balls appearance. Nobody wants to try them, even when she volunteers to pay them to take the samples. It isn’t pretty since she has until the end of the day to get rid of all 1,000 balls. So it takes her to get crafty and she chooses to fill the ugly hat with them. While it appears to do the job, the boss man comes back and takes his sweet time filling out her check, which then causes the balls to melt. She is almost caught and for the life of me I do not see how she could not be caught with purple and green “tears”. However, they were able to pull it off and she was paid, just in time to return to the party for Andre and Tori’s performance.

But first, lets get back to Cat who shows up at the Cow Wow and sees that Robbie is enjoying himself with another girl. Cat is bothered by it and decides to dance with an another guy to grab his attention and to make him feel bad. But none of it works until she is knocked out cold, which he then drops his date and pays full attention to her. Luckily for her, she didn’t have to spend rest of the dance at a hospital. She mostly seems a little confused, but recovers quickly enough to make up with Robbie in time for Tori’s performance.

Whew, I got to admit that was a funny episode. I think the talent and humor are some of the better ones on Nickelodeon and I am sad that it is over. But at least Cat’s tale will live on with her new show with Jennette McCurdy. We will all be able to relive these great memories on Netflix and DVDs anyways. How did you like it? Did Tori do the right thing or was it dumb? I think for a teen, it was excusable but not okay for an adult. Same goes for Cat, but at least in the end it turned out to be okay for everyone and it ended well.

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