Victorious: Tori Sets 2 Little Brats Up For Robbie – Robbie Sells Rex


This past week’s episode of Victorious “Robbie Sells Rex” was good in that it was slightly more comical with a more mature twist. The episode’s title was a play on a joke or popular culture shift that was likely not lost on the viewers. However, as we always can count on Dan Schneider on making a family friendly episode out of everything. So we were lucky that despite of the crazy title, that they did still keep the content mostly innocent enough for their fan base and families as a whole. So, with the fair warning and good news, we should drive right into the two story lines which include their main one and second base one to add in the show filler to make it last the full 30 minutes or so.

The main plot is exactly what the title suggest. Robbie sells Rex to a rich kid of big music executive who gave a talk at their school. He spotted Robbie and Rex, only to ask for him to sell his dummy Rex to his spoiled kid who has no class. Robbie is against it, but gives into temptation which is set to the nice amount of $2,000! Yes, for a teen that is a lot of money and Robbie rolls with it until he soon enough finds himself in hot water. The poor kid is lost and even though he now has a new “friend”, Goonter, it isn’t the same for him and soon enough he finds that he is obsessed with getting Rex back, even if it is next to impossible for him. I really felt bad for him since Tori and Cat didn’t help his cause. All Cat cared about was that silly snack food that is forbidden to have. Tori seems to only care about the money that she didn’t even have for herself, so it feels more like peer pressure that anything. At least he was able to give us some laughter when he envisioned Tori, Jade and Cat all as Rex. That really did make me smile and laugh. Too bad we didn’t get to see more that since I think that really gave this episode some soul. At least in the end Robbie came out with the best ending that he could. I didn’t want to see such as a nice guy like himself be used. As for how Tori helped to solve the problem by setting up the rich kid with Mr. Sikowitz’s annoying neighbor. Those two did seem to be perfect for each other.

The lesser of the two plots involved Jade becoming intrigued by a flour bomber. A mad guy dressed in a body suit and matching mask is disturbing the school hallways by throwing flour onto their faces. Trina, Tori, Beck Mr. Sikowitz and Cat all suffer from the attacker, which only frustrates Jade more since she wants to catch him. She tries to tempt the person, but only fails at it. Little does she know that no one knows who he is! It seemed like a silly idea to make that part of the story, but it also feels like a throw back on Kim Kardashian’s flour bombing experience. It was sort of funny, but it really was second-rate when you compare it to last week’s episode. That was a lot more funny for the second half and not so “mean” should I say? Hopefully rest of this season will stay more on the cheerier side than resorting to flour bomb plot lines that make zero sense.

Now as a quick run down for the full episode, I stick with what I said about the title and add the whole “doofbag” wasn’t needed. I expect a lot more from their writers and I doubt it was lost on people. However, I did enjoy Rex’s story! He had the best outcome anyone could, minus the whole record deal that he wanted. At least Trina didn’t get one either! I am just sort of let down from last week’s episode and that sucks. I really was hoping for more of a good second story than we got. Flour bombing in my opinion isn’t that funny, let alone when it was done by someone they didn’t even know at all. It seem badly written in my eyes. What did you guys think about it?

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  1. bobby

    December 17, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    I thought this was the final episode, maybe I’m wrong. But I thought the end of the episode was the “send off”… when they unmasked the guy, and everybody was disappointed because they didn’t know who the guy was… as if to be saying, wow, we didn’t even get a good final episode, no real closure to this anticipated moment, the way iCarly did. Then at the end, they say things like, ‘that wasn’t much of an ending..’. and ‘I’m disappointed’. I took that to mean, there was a buildup to the end, but no special farewell moment. Maybe I’m wrong.

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