Taylor Swift Listed As A Highest Paid Female in Hollywood

Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Rihanna are considered some of Hollywood’s highest paid women in according to Forbes. They released a new list that features the top five and while they do have the likes of some daytime talk show divas (Rihanna is tied at #4 with Ellen DeGeneres and #1 is Oprah Winfrey), they also include some of today’s top selling female artists including two who are in their early 20s! Taylor Swift is ranked in third place with a whopping $57 million that she earned between last year and this year. Rihanna who sits below Taylor is reportedly worth $53 million along with Ellen. Britney is in second place with her reported $58 million in earnings thanks to her deal with The X-Factor. However, Oprah is still at #1 with her whopping $165 million in earnings thanks to all of her own ventures, even though her network still has not recoup the cost of OWN.

Well, all five of these ladies have certainly made a name for themselves and are earning a pretty penny! I wonder how they feel about rest of the world knowing their networth though? I wouldn’t be too happy since you never know who to trust or not to trust. So I can see why they could be less than thrilled with the news coming out about it. However, on the flip side I think it also shows us just how blessed they are, but also as to just how hard they do work to reach this point.

How do you feel about Taylor, Rihanna and Britney being top female earners? I think it is great and should give a lot of their fans hope as to what they can become in the future once they become older. If anything these reports can prove that dreams can come true and while all of them do work extremely hard, I think we can all agree that they do live pretty cushy lifestyles that make it worthy of their hard work that they commit too.

article source-MSN

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