Selena Gomez Makes 10 Year Old Wish Come True

Selena Gomez has taken a page out of her boyfriend’s book by visiting with a sick fan recently. Frehley Gilmore (age 10) and her mother who are from Wisconsin went to NYC to do interview with Good Morning America to talk about Make-A-Wish Foundation. Luckily Frehley who admits that her big wish was to meet Selena came true during their supposed interview. The mother and daughter went to Serendipity for the interview, only to “run” into her. Selena was able to meet the girl and her mother, making her wish come true at last. Selena only had the following to say about making the wish to come true.

It’s probably one of my favorite things that I do for my job, It makes me happy to come out and do this. I feel like I’m not doing enough.

That was so nice of her. I am glad that she loves doing these kinds of charity acts for her fans. It seems like she knows that she would be no one without them and thus, she owes a lot towards them. I personally wish that we could hear more of these kinds of stories, but I suppose since we are approaching the holiday season that is why we are hearing about stars giving back. In the mean time I am sure Frehley and her family won’t ever forget the kindness of Selena.

Is Selena Gomez being a kind person or do you think she is trying to find a way to keep her name in the news? I think she is actually someone who does care, but of course some people will doubt her and her motives. She made the girl’s dream come true and that is the important part here. Who doesn’t love a good story where a poor, sick child has their one big wish come true? It doesn’t matter why it was done when the real winner is the kid who had their dreams come true at last.

article source-Cambio

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