Pixar Releases New Monsters University Poster

A little more than ten years after the original Monsters, Inc came out, everybody will be able to catch them again on the big screen in 2013. Pixar and Disney will be releasing the much talked about (and hoped for) prequel, Monsters University which is coming to theaters on June 21st 2013-which Pixar has just released a new poster for! This new look of Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan takes us deeper into their friendship as these two polar opposites become friends at college, after many issues were resolved. We will get to see the issues the 2 loveable monsters had with each other and on how to the two bonded at a school that taught them how to scare. If you want an idea on what I mean, take a closer look at those hilarious titles for a better example. And the news doesn’t stop just there! Disney and Pixar will be re-releasing the original on the big screen again in 3D on December 19th for a limited run. So be sure to relive the magic or to get catch up with the monsters before the new film hits theaters in six months.

I got to admit, this movie will be amazing. Just going by the preview photos, we will get to sell a geeky Mike and bully like Sully which I think will give us a better understanding on how they scare kids. Plus we will get to see what their dynamics were like back then, which sort of gives us fans an advantage on their back stories (which we hardly ever get to learn about in Pixar). So yes, I am super excited to see it on the big screen and see what antics those two loveable monsters were up to even back in the day.

Do you like the poster? I do, it really shows off their school spirit if you will and will let kids know that this isn’t an ordinary movie. Hopefully this will be a huge “sequel”, even though it has taken them a mighty long time to release. If it worked for Toy Story I guess they assume it will work for them.Let’s hope that they are right on that. I would hate for it to flop due to the fact that most of the former child fans are no longer kids or if no one has anymore interest left for Sully and Mike.

image and article source-ToyXplosion

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