One Direction Wins Best International Artist ARIA

One Direction may have not won at the American Music Awards, but they haven’t lost their lucky streak! They recently won a Australian Recording Industry Association Music Award (ARIAs) for Best International Artist. The boys sent a video accepting the new award and of course they were more than honored to beat the likes of Adele and others who were up for the same award. They held out the Australian flag in honor of their new award and gave a glowing speech as usual (which you can find at their usual spot down below). But it doesn’t end there. Good ol’ Harry Styles tweeted his happy response and thanked fans for their love and support with the following tweet.

Thank you to our fans in Australia and everyone at the ARIA awards for voting us ‘Best International Artist’ We can’t wait to see you!! .xx

This is good news for them and their fans who were upset over the band losing out last month. However, this is also proof that they haven’t lost their grip on fans at all. I do fully expect that during rest of the award season they will wipe most shows out. They are that kind of huge band that just seems to keep on winning. I am hoping that each one of the guys has plenty of shelf room in their homes for their ever growing collection of awards.

How do you feel about this news? Did they deserve to win and will they be able to keep on winning through out the season? I am hoping so for their sake, but I am not going to worry too much since they do have those incredible fans. They certainly have no shortage of voters on their side or even album sales. So hopefully this should take some relief off for their fans and the band, which I do expect will soon enough take a more aggressive request for votes for these awards.

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