One Direction Set To Appear On Upcoming Episode Of “The Late Night Show With David Letterman”

If you don’t normally stay up to catch the late show, you might want to mark your calendars for December 7th 2012 when everyone’s favorite boyband will make a special appearance.

The quintet will appear on “The Late Night With David Letterman” and it will be the first time the very first time the lads have appeared on this particular show. It’s an exciting opportunity for the guys. Unfortunately there is no word yet on whether the guys would give a performance or not.

There’s no stopping One Direction now. The boys have finally reached the peak of world-wide success and they’re enjoying every minute of it. These guys are all about fun and music, two things that their fans truly appreciate.

I’m really hoping that we will hear a little more about One Direction and their upcoming guest appearance on David Letterman’s show. I predict they’ll probably do at least one performance and maybe a little bit of interview time. No matter what happens on that show, you’ll be able to hear the fans scream with joy. I hope after or before the show, the guys will stop and give their fans a little bit of attention in the form of autographs and pictures.

Are you looking forward to One Direction’s upcoming appearance?

Article source from Disney Dreaming

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