One Direction Release Short Kiss You Music Video Teaser

One Direction recently released the teaser for their next music video for “Kiss You“, which is their current single. The band has been preparing to release the single’s video and they recently decided to release a teaser for it. You can view that down down below with a few video clips of interviews where they talk about the song and music video. The full length music video will be released on December 17th in time for the holidays and winter break. As for what the boys had to say about the music video down below. As for more info on the video, Zayne told MTV all about it and what kind of direction (no pun intended) that they took it in.

I think the whole concept behind the video is bigger than anything we’ve done before. It’s a whole idea and it’s kind of structured, which is a little bit different than what we’ve done before in like a comedy way. It’s really funny. We are just having fun.

It sounds like it will be interesting to watch! I wonder how they can make it a comedy, though? It seems like it would be a very serious kind of subject to deal with and while we know they do love fun, I would think they would want it taken seriously for their own benefit. Or at least that is what I would assume they would want, but I suppose one fun video won’t hurt them nor their musical careers in the long run if done tastefully like we trust.

How do you feel about this teaser? Will this song do the band more harm or will it just be a fun break for the boys? I am thinking a fun break, but I am a little worried that their video could hurt their creditability a little. I mean, Simon is counting on them and to sort of allow a fun and cheesy video to take place when their career is red hot right now seems like a risk. A risk that doesn’t have to be made, but one that they choose to make regardless of what the outcome could be. However, I could be jumping to conclusions here without seeing the whole video yet, so I will hold my full opinion until then.

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