One Direction Help Out with Text Santa’s Advent Calendar

One Direction is getting in the festive holiday spirit by helping out ITV’s charity called Text Santa! The have released two videos for fans to view, which include them telling jokes and getting in the holiday spirit. The whole Text Santa program works is by helping out 6 different charities in the UK for the holiday season, such as Whizz Kids, Age UK and Marie Curie Cancer Care are just a few of the ones hand picked this year’s program. As for what One Direction has to do with the charity, they are helping out just by filming videos to help raise funds and awareness of the project as part of their advent calendar. The good news is that you do not have to donate to access the clips, which you will find at the bottom for your own enjoyment.

I am glad that they are using the fame for some good deeds, it seems like the right thing to do. They don’t have many chances for us to see them doing good work like this and while I am sure that they do more charity work in their downtime , it is always nice to hear of it when they do. I think that helps to set examples for their fans and to remind people that it is now time to give back and even if you cannot afford to give money, you can always donate time or effort-sort of like how they did it for their advent calendar.

How do you like the videos? Should they do more good charity work like this next year? I think so, but I also realize that right now they are very busy so it may not happen as often as it does for Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber. It seems like their management puts in efforts to schedule more time working than donating and only to donate time when they can get some good press for it. It is a little strange way to run their side of business, but I don’t think the boys have much input on what they do spend more time on yet.

article source-ITV

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