One Direction Dish On Upcoming Live Concert Film

One Direction is enjoying their ride on the fame train and that means following with current trends to keep them on it. Well, it appears one of those trends have been concert documentaries, much like what Katy Perry and Justin Bieber did in the past two years. So it comes as no surprise that One Direction will have one released on August 30th, 2013, something that they have confirmed a while ago now. But until now the boys haven’t had much time to talk or even a chance to start making those plans. Because of that they decided to open up to MTV News to explain what fans will be able to expect, as well as naming their director, Morgan Spurlock. You can catch what they all had to say in the videos down below, but one thing worthy to highlight was the fact that they want their fans to know them better and they feel the movie will provide just that for them.

I do have to give them credit when they deserve it and I feel like they have earned it once again. It would be easier for them to just have their concert filmed, but they want to provide more for their fans and give them bonus content that they might otherwise never see. So props to them for working hard and effectively to make a choice to give back such an awesome gift as a 3D movie. Hopefully they will be able to start planning more details for it now that their new album has finally come out at last.

Do you approve of their goal for the film? I do and I will be the first to admit that I not crazy about their whole concert film trend. I think they have a goal that they are working towards and while this is just another step on their way, they don’t want to provide just anything. That has to take a lot of fighting with their own team and label, as well as proving that they do not take this whole gift for granted for one second at all. And that is what I would call a great attitude for anyone and everyone to have.

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