One Direction Dish On Hiding Animals and Pickup Lines

One Direction recently headed back on stage for two shows over the weekend and they took time to answer some questions from fans! Yes, they did another round (well, two rounds to be honest) of Q&A with fans much like how they did it on their last tour. They took some time out of their set, mainly from their cover of the Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag” for the quick chit chat session with fans. The band took turns answering some extremely random questions such as about bad pickup lines to hiding big animals. They also show off some of their mad dance moves in the videos down below, which you can catch at the bottom of if you are interested enough. As for what Harry (who adores to tweet) had to say about their big return on stage, here is what he tweeted about the event(s).

I’ve missed doing that more than you can believe! First time on stage in a while. Mohegan Sun, you were amazing.. Thank you so much .xx Mohegan sun, thanks for having us! Show was great again tonight.. You were very very loud. Thank you so much .xx

Niall added-

Mohegan thank you so much! Was incredible! Can’t believe it

I am so happy that they are thrilled to be back on the road. It seems like they really come to life when they are performing and after around five to six months of no touring. It has to feel like second nature to them to be on the road, so I can see why they would be excited to be back in working order so to speak. That has to make it well worth the wait and music for them. They can now do what they are best at and that is putting on a good show.

How do you like their quotes and answers? Should they focus more on music or should they make this kind of effort for their fans as a whole? Yes they should, but I already think that they do in most cases. They seem to be dealing well with the changes and I think that is good news for them. I just hope that they can find a good way to stay connected with fans while they await for the upcoming summer and spring tours of next year.

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