Olivia Holt & Max Schneider Team Up for Christmas Song

Nickelodeon and Disney Channel might be known as major rivals, but that doesn’t mean they cannot find holiday cheer among each other. Perhaps that is what Matt Wong hoped for when he wrote his song “Finally Feels Like Christmas” with some of both networks biggest stars? Yes, you did read that right as he was able to land some of the two rival networks stars to work together on the track. Maia Mitchell, Kenton Duty, Lulu Antariksa, Alyson Stoner, Chris O’Neal, Max Schneider, Olivia Holt, Dillon Lane, Luke Benward and Jordan Fisher are just some of the stars who sang on the track together. But what even makes the deal sweeter is the fact that they filmed a music video for it and you can catch the whole group of talent working together in peace down below.

I am not going to lie and say that I am not pleasantly surprised that it worked! It seems like Matt might have a secret talent that he has just discovered since he was able to pull this off with the stars. While some might say that none of them are the really big stars from either network, it does allow us to make guesses on whom will become the next big stars for either channels now that they have a new group of young to work with.

How do you like the massive musical effort? Should both networks work together more than compete? I would think so, but I think we all know that will likely be next to impossible. They have a long history at battling it out and while they truly can make beautiful music together, I think both networks still have goals in mind for the future. One massive musical effort will likely not change their minds or feelings except just for the holiday season.

article source-Shine On Media

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