Miley Cyrus Dishes On Favorite One Direction Member

Miley Cyrus recently caught up with MSN Entertainment for her interview about her upcoming movie, So Undercover (which opens in February 2013). She dishes on the movie, her character Molly, as well as on how she picks which movies she will join or not join. While all of those were interesting and important questions to ask, many can agree the more interesting part of the interview was on the topic of One Direction! Miley admits to being a fan and her own personal crush on the UK import band is Zayn Malik. She was also quick to share her baby sister’s pick, Harry Styles as Noah’s official crush! You can catch the whole interview down below for more thoughts on One Direction, as well as info on her role in the movie which also co-stars Kelly Osbourne.

It seems like she answered the question in a good fashion, but she didn’t sound like a raving fan girl for them either. I suppose that is only proper when we consider the fact that she is engaged to Liam Hemsworth and it would be hard to top him off with a group of guys younger than him. However, it was fun to see that even the edgy Miley still has a tiny bit of a pop fan in her and is not worried about losing her edge to admit that she finds the boys of 1D cute. But perhaps the real treat was that we got to hear more about Noah and her budding teeny-bopper feelings toward popular musical acts of her generation.

How do you feel about her interview? Did she handle the question with class? I think so. In fact, I feel like we got a glimpse at the mature Miley who might be starting to peek out now that she twenty years old and has lived a little bit of a “private life” for a majority of the year. At least that is what I am hoping for since she has been in need of growing past her rebel stage a little bit and to show that she can be a serious person when needed (like about crushes when she is happily engaged).

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