Louis Tomlinson Calls Taylor Swift Harry Styles “Good Friend”

Rumors have been floating around about Harry Styles and Taylor Swift and it seems to have been confirmed with hand holding photos surfacing up. But during their night at Z100’s Jingle Ball, Taylor and Harry showed up alone each, with her ignoring reporters and him almost being caught in talking romance before he was pulled away. Luckily his band member Louis Tomlinson was able to speak up, which he also sort of hinted at them being a couple by saying they made great friends who are extremely close. While that was all that he could likely say about the couple, Harry was spotted with Taylor backstage most of the night and left with her when the show was over. It seems like all the confessions we need have been wordless by the two themselves. As for what Louis all told the Huffington Post, here is his full quote.

I’m happy that they’re good friends…I’ve met [Taylor] before and she’s a lovely girl.

I think it is safe to say that they are indeed a couple, even though they are being sly about it. Taylor and Harry are hardly ever apart and with more friends speaking up, it seems like none of them have denied the rumors. Instead they just refer to the couple as good friends, which is Hollywood code speak for couple. Plus with all of the reports and sightings, it is becoming harder and harder for one of today’s hottest couples to hide, sort of like how Taylor’s friend Selena Gomez could no longer hide her own! Maybe they can swap tips next time they have a girls day?

How do you feel about Louis’ words? I think he also confirmed it in so many and I think we can expect a statement from these two shortly. They clearly cannot avoid the cameras and have even dared to be seen together acting like a couple in front of cameras. That doesn’t leave them many options now and I think before long their own PR teams will be place pressure on those two to become clean about once and for all to help slow down the rumor mill for a while at least.

article source-Huffington Post

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