Justin Bieber Releases Believe Acoustic Track List

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Justin Bieber has been releasing tiny bits of info on Believe Acoustic, ever since it was confirmed. But now he has finally released the track list! The album will be more of an EP with 8 tracks, 7 of them will be from Believe like we all assumed. But he has an 8th song that has yet to be announced and will likely be a single off it once he releases it next month (January 2013). Hopefully he will release the song title, which some are hoping for his duet with Ed Sheeran or maybe his Carly Rae Jepsen one. That all remains to be seen, but here is what he did have to say about the album and of course, the track list for it will be below his quote.

Finishing something up for u tomorrow for the acoustic album. get ready. not gonna let u down. just me and my guitar.

1. Boyfriend
2. As Long As You Love Me
3. Beauty and a Beat
4. She Don’t Like the Lights
5. Take You
6. Be Alright
7. All Around the World
8. Track 8

It sounds like he has been hard at work making sure it will be top notched. Hopefully his fans can stand behind him and show their support for his second acoustic album. It seems like he has a special spot for those kinds of songs and I am happy that he does since they allow more soul to seep through. Hopefully he will be able to wow his fans like he wishes to and maybe even gain a few new ones. I know that I am curious for more info on the 8th song and I am not usually a huge fan of his music as a whole.

How do you like the track list? It is pretty solid and matches pretty well to his popular songs off Believe. I really was hoping for a little more new content, but at least he is making the effort and putting his best foot forward. That cannot be easy when he has to do so much already just to stay on top of everything, plus with trying to keep himself popular as it is. So with that being said, I do feel like we can stand behind him on that one at least, even though it is weaker than his first acoustic EP was.

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