Justin Bieber Drowned Out In Special Announcement Video

Justin Bieber and his Pencils of Promise have teamed up with Schools4All to host a contest where one lucky school can meet him! Yes, he made the announcement on tour and filmed a whole video about the exciting news. However, because he was drowned out by his screaming fan base, many people had no clue on what he had to say in it before they made it clear. Luckily fans like you guys don”t have to miss a beat since we have both editions of the video for you watch down below. As for making it more clear, here is what Clevver TV posted about the announcement video.

During a recent tour stop, Justin Bieber decided to make a special announcement backstage. Looks like the crowd was so loud that Justin’s audio got drowned out! So what is Justin saying? Find out at http://www.whatdidjustinsay.com

Poor Justin! At least he seemed to be fazed by all of this commotion surrounding him. As for the actual sweepstakes, I am glad that they are giving a school a chance to fly Justin in. It might sort of sound like a silly prize, but I don’t think he intended for it to come across like that. He more likely wanted his fans to work towards a greater good and he just so happens to be one way to motivate a group of kids into doing just that.

How do you feel about their sweepstakes? Is it silly and vain, or just the right concept? I think his heart was in the right place and for all we know, he could have had very little to do with coming up with the prize or contest. So I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt, especially after his last few interviews this past year that has shown a more to down to earth side of him. I don’t think he a huge ego anymore.

article source-Disney Dreaming

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