Jennette McCurdy Joins Instagram At Last

Jennette McCurdy is currently waiting for her next show to start as she said goodbye to iCarly and worked on her newest movie. But as anyone knows, life can get boring and Twitter is no longer just cutting it for her co-stars. So she did what most people around her age do, which is join Instagram. For those who do not use smartphones or do not follow others who use it, it allows users to take daily snapshots to share with the public. It has been the latest social media craze for many and it now appears that Jennette has followed them. She snapped a pic of herself and tweeted the following with it.

My very first Instagram!

She sadly did not share her username, but most followers of her should find it on her Twitter account. In the meantime she is gearing up for a live December 7th chat session with fans to answer questions and to bond with her adoring supporters. It feels like forever since she has first come onto the scene and since then we have seen her do so many new projects. So it is great to see that she is wanting to stick with her fans with her new show, Sam & Cat. Maybe she will be able to share some photos from that series set soon enough?

How do you like the photo? It was very Jennette and I think it showcases that not everything is professionally touched up. However, the even bigger deal is the fact that fans will be able to keep up to date with her and see what is all going on with her now that she on Instagram. I give her a few weeks top before she becomes obsessed with it like millions of other users who have adopted the platform for their own use.

image source-Jennette McCurdy (via Instagram) article source-Nickutopia

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