Hasbro Announces New Easy Bake Oven Marketing Plan


Hasbro has heard the cries of an older sister who wished for an unisex Easy-Bake Oven for her younger brother. McKenna Pope, who is 13 wrote to the company saying that she was heartbroken over the lack of other color options for the Easy-Bake Oven, which is something that her brother wanted. However, due to the fact that it’s promoted as a girl toy, it has kept him from getting his dream toy long enough. They later invited McKenna over to their offices to show a new color scheme of blue, black and silver to her for approval. Hasbro claims that they have been working on this new Easy-Bake Oven plan for over a year (18 months to be exact) and that they plan to release it next spring. McKenna clearly has supported their efforts which has featured celebrities asking for the brand to take on an unisex appeal of the kid’s oven.

Wow, I will admit that I am surprised that they never released one outside of the girly theme. I would have thought for years they would have heard issues about. However, with that being said I don’t ever recall it being marketed to just little girls further back in the day. I believe the older campaigns for it features boys using it as well, even if it was pink and white. I suppose they could have since switched gears, hence why the pink and purple model exist today. Hopefully this new model won’t be entering the game to late for kids all around the world and could help start a new movement among toy manufactures to consider from now on.

Do you support Hasbro’s new color scheme? Will that be enough or not to recover from this brouhaha? I hope it is for their sake, but I think they will have to change their whole marketing plan. The whole toy and accessories were designed with girls in mind and I think boys will once again feel misplaced in the plans if they do not do the right thing from the start. In some ways Hasbro has a lot pending on this new design and I am sure other companies have been watching closely to see what takes place next. As I have previously stated before, this could be a whole new game changer for many in the industry if Hasbro keeps going in this right direction for now.

article source-MSN

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