Harry Styles Misses Flight For Taylor Swift’s NYE Show


It sounds like things between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are heating up quickly! He was reportedly set to fly out of Heathrow on early Friday to NYC to ring in the new year with her, but had to change his plans in the end. It turns out that he left his passport back at home and had to return there to get it so he board the plane. But because of that silly error, he had to fly out later on in the evening since he would not make it on time for his original flight. Luckily his airlines, mother and himself took it all in stride. Reports stats that he was able to laugh it off and crack jokes about it. As for Taylor’s reaction, we sadly have not heard if any reports on that.

I am glad that Harry was able to make it out there for her, but it does sound like those two are very serious about each other. If he is willing to return home to bring a passport back in the same day for a non-job related event, I’d say they are very serious about each other. I wonder how their families feel about this extremely quick to bloom romance? It seemed to come from no where and now those two are everywhere. I would think that would be a very tough think for their exes to handle, as well as concerned parents who may worry about their kid’s hearts.

How do you feel about Taylor and Harry being so serious? It is a nice thought, but it almost feels like a set up for a very bad breakup. If he has learned anything about her, then he should know that he should try to avoid a nasty breakup with her. I doubt he wants his name plastered all over the media like how she responded to her breakup with Joe Jonas. She is certainly not someone to hold back on her feelings and in a sense, he is playing with fire just as much as she is right now. I hope it doesn’t end badly, but I am not going to hold my breathe.

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