Harry Styles Best Dancer in One Direction?


One Direction might be known for their sweet harmonies and vocals, but as a boy band, dancing plays an equally important role in it for them. So recently The X-Factor‘s UK choreographer, Brian Friedman talked to The Sun about the boys and their dance moves. He recalls Zayn Malik as someone who doubted himself, even though he was a better dancer than he thought he was. He then calls Niall Horan a good learner who adapted quickly to the dance moves and memorized them quickly. However, none of them could compete with Harry Styles, who he calls the best dancer out of the whole band. Here is how he broke the three down and what he had to say about each one of the guys.

Harry was definitely the best dancer, always good at choreography. Niall was good remembering which direction to move in. We all saw at Boot Camp that Zayn was about to walk away from the competition because of his dancing. But he’s better than he thought

I don’t think anyone can deny that Harry is good at dancing, which is likely why so many girls fall for him. But as a whole, the band does a pretty good job and I don’t think any of the five have a weak link per se. They all just need to work together and show that as a band, they stand pretty solid in dancing while they rule music. Their millions of screaming fans are all the proof that they need to show that dancing is the least of their fans worries.

Do you agree with Brian? I think he made a valid point, but I am not sure why he thinks he is spilling big secrets. We all know pretty much how it went down and that Harry Styles always seemed to have a stronger lead with dancing. It almost smells like a needy plea of attention for the choreographer’s own benefit without having to tell the really juicy tales. It was a cheap, but quick effort for his 15 minutes of fame and it seems like he already missed the boat while One Direction is rocking their own boat not too far off.

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