Gigi Hadid Denies Dating Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas has been talked about a lot of this year for his work, upcoming new Jonas Brothers album, and rumors. And one of those rumors revolve around his love life, in which he has reportedly started to date Gigi Hadid! Yes, rumors have been buzzing that these two are a secret couple as photos of those two laughing together surfaced online. Fans of course started hating on her for supposedly taking Nick off the market and in doing it so quick that nobody noticed until now (which they seem to hint that he was the cause over her breakup). Well, Gigi doesn’t take rumors or attacks lightly and has finally spoken out about the true reason why those two were photographed together laughing. Her claim is that they are just friends. Here is her full tweet dishing on the rumor.

Nick & I are just friends, & our friendship has nothing to do w/why my ex broke up with me. Please stop getting him involved, it’s not fair.

Ouch! It sounds like these rumors really bother her. I am glad that she wanted to clear his name as well as of her own, but I do suspect not everyone will believe her. I do, though. I don’t see why she would go out to say that they are not a couple right now when she could actually benefit from dating him. I think her self-respect has to be pretty strong for her to speak out on a touchy subject that likely still pains her for her friend’s sake. Maybe he is what she needs in a healthy relationship one day, but for now she seems content with just being friends.

Do you believe her? Or do you think she is trying to downplay the PR wreck it would become if they did date. I think she is being honest and I like that. She and Nick both need to focus on their careers right now and enjoy their friendship with each other. That would benefit them so much as well as allow them to have some freedom to be young and test those dating waters out there in their own time without being tied to a committed relationship.

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