Ed Westwick Seeks Revenge In Gossip Girl’s Producer Preview of The Revengers

With just two more episodes left before the series end, CW has released a new producer’s preview for Gossip Girl‘s “The Revengers“. Yes, it seems like the Upper East Side is in even more trouble than before and with very little chapter left for each character, it could be one of the most important episodes ever. Chuck (Ed Westwick) is still struggling with taking down his father Bart, who has Nate (Chace Crawford) working for him to go against Chuck. It seems like it will never be enough for Chuck to finally win, even though he is supposed to find some new help and support along the way to the final attempt for his father’s company. According to the preview, Dan (Penn Badgley) never seems to learn and desires to earn respect from his peers again, including Serena (Blake Lively) is more than just mad at him. It sounds like this episode will be setting it all up for the finale and it may not end so pretty for most. You can catch the preview down below this post.

I am so sad about the show ending and on the fact that it might now end in the good way for much of the cast. It is a shame since I think they owe that to the fans who supported the series for so long. It seems like it should end on a high not since pretty much all of the characters have never had a good ending and it seems to be in order for them if you ask me. Plus now that it’s ending, they have no reason to keep us hanging on unless they have plans for the future that are still under wraps for the show, but I doubt that is the reason why they won’t let them end on high note.

How do you feel about this preview? Does it seem fair for it to end on a sour note for the main cast? No, I don’t think it is fair for the cast or fans. I wish they would explain why it will be ending the way it appears to be. They owe the fan base that at the very least if you ask me, unless next week’s episode magically switches gears and we see it end on a good note. However, I doubt that will happen at all since the producer and writer even said this episode will set them up for the finale. It is a shame for us fans, but what can we do?

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