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Ed Sheeran was recently named a Baron…by a friend! He broke the news that a distant friend of his has become a king of a private island called Sealand, which he can officially give titles friends. So he decided to name Ed a Baron for his island. It may sound strange, but it made Ed very happy to know that he has an official title, much like Sir Elton John or Sir Paul McCartny have titles. Luckily for Ed, he was able to share the good news with his Twitter followers, and that is exactly what he did. Here is how he broke the news to his fans via his favorite social media medium.

A friend of a friend owns an oil rig that got made into a country legally, and called Sealand, which made him the king of Sealand…Which means he can give out titles to people. So he’s given me the title of Baron von Edward Sheeran. I am a Baron.

Congrats is in order for Ed, but it is a strange story to say the least. I wouldn’t have thought that he would be given an official title so early on, even if it was by a friend. At least he has something to feel proud of besides of his success as an artist. Plus I am sure he can always visit there when he needs an extra boost of morale now that he is a baron of that island. However, I will admit that his poor friend will likely have to open his island up for visitors now that the cat has been let out of the bag.

How do you feel about this news? I think it is good for him, even if it is random. I doubt he will forget the day of being named a baron. It seems like a big deal to him and as long as he is happy with it, shouldn’t we as well? I would think that is what being a fan is all about and that it would include this sort of things for him. Plus we don’t know what he can cohort out of the same person who named him a baron into giving proper titles to his friends, One Direction! So I think we should show our support just in case he can give them a leg up in that fashion.

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