Ed Sheeran Dishes On Taylor Swift & Harry Styles

Katie Couric recently interviewed Ed Sheeran for her show to talk about his music and career, but as with any good reporter she found a way to sneak in some off topic questions. Prime example of that would be of her asking if his friend Harry Styles was truly dating Taylor Swift. As any good friend would, he answered indirectly with a yes of sorts by saying that is what the media is reporting. In the last few weeks they have remained hushed, except for Niall Horan who called Harry single. But since that interview he has been seen all around with Taylor holding hands and spending time together. However, they both have yet to address the rumors except for their indirect confirmation by being spotted together in public. As for what Ed all had to say on the topic, as well as rest of the interview with Katie Couric, you can catch the interview down below along with his bonus interview with Social Wall.

Ouch, he was unfairly put in the hot seat! I think he handled it well, but I do think their actions speak louder than words hear. They know what they are doing and Taylor hasn’t ever really gone in public with many of her relationships as much as she has with Harry. She was more or less spotted with her boyfriends, but they clearly went out holding hands to be noticed. It seems like a classy way to confirm and I am betting that they hope it ends any questions about those two, even though that is unlikely here.

How do you like how he answered it? Was it classy or not? I think so, but he also really had no other way to answer it. I am sure he didn’t want to be the one to officially break the verbal news for them and that makes him a good friend. But he also couldn’t say that they weren’t when we all have seen photos and video that say otherwise. So for being between a rock and a hard spot, he did extremely well for avoiding fire on either side of the aisle. Don’t you agree?

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