Dog With a Blog – Stan Learns True Meaning of the Holidays

It is the holiday season and Disney shows are reflecting it with Stan (Kuma) and his non-furry family’s newest Dog with a Blog episode, “Bark! the Herald Angels Sing”. Stan and his beloved owners are celebrating their first holiday together, which isn’t easy when you are a naughty pet who just cannot help yourself but wish to turn the Christmas tree into his own personal bathroom. However, that does not mean he isn’t an excited to be celebrating his first holiday at home with his new beloved owners. Even as he stresses, he still allowed them to dress him up because he was excited for the day. The good news is that he didn’t hurt himself when he attempted to fly (thanks to his red nose and antlers they put on him). It was a cute attempt to make the episode more Christmas-like than it really was. I think the real topic was about how hard it is for blended families to merge traditions and they did a good job of that with Avery’s mother, Ellen.

It turns out that their first Christmas as a mixed family is not going to be as hopeful as Avery, Tyler, and Chloe’s wanted it. Avery tells her new sister and brother that her mother is less than stellar at giving. She mentions that some of the gifts from the past included an ugly clown photo or Grandma’s teeth, which Chloe takes a strange liking to, even after Stan uses them. Needless to say, she puts off her family and I cannot say that I don’t blame them. At least Stan seems to be a good sport about it and even learned the real purpose of the holidays, which was a great message to throw into the episode if you ask me. I have a feeling that this could become a holiday classic for Disney since it show cases the perfect first Christmas for a family that has seen many changes in the last year or so.

I personally think that the first part and last part of the episode were the best as we got to really see Stan. I think he really brings the show together and while he does play a naughty dog when rest of family is in the scenes with him. Like when he talked about leaving a gift or the museum, which he insist is a bone store. I am starting to think that he plays dumb around his new-found family and shows off his smarts on his blog. It would make sense and explain why on his blog he realizes stuff that most humans will never realize during their younger years and why he can also seem so dog like with his family.

How do you like the show and this episode? It has really grown on me and like I stated before, Stan is the shining star. I love his personality, smarts and of course his humor (even though at times it is too much). I still kind of wish that we got to see more of him than the people characters, but I suppose they can only do so much with a dog. At least he does open and close the show, while also having some scenes where we see him in action with the rest of his cast. That is helpful but not enough in my eyes when he is the star of the show. He should be seen in all of the scenes, if you ask me.

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  1. Megan Smith

    December 5, 2012 at 2:51 am

    The dog who plays Stan in this episode is Kuma. He was also the star of Cop Dog. You should mention his name and give credit to Kuma. He is very talented!! See website at:

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