Debby Ryan & Zendaya Coleman Sing in Fa-la-la-lidays Promo


Disney Channel has released their annual video of their network’s stars doing their “Fa-la-la-Lidays” music sizzle bumper. It includes some of their big stars such as Zendaya Coleman, Ross Lynch and Debby Ryan all in it. It allows their stars a chance to show case their musical talents off. The short video doesn’t offer a lot of content, but it does make up for it in holiday cheer. You can catch the video down below to see what they are sang and you can catch the stars on their own TVs shows on their respective nights, such as Debby in Jessie and Ross in Austin & Ally.

I am glad that they made a fun clip, but it doesn’t really do that much for neither the stars or the network. So I am confused as to why Disney would put up with it. It seems pointless, but I figure they must have some sort of purpose for it since they keep on making them even though most series are on a mid-season break by now. Perhaps they hope it will keep their shows fresh in the minds of fans while they go around three weeks with nothing new? That would make sense and give the bumper purpose, even if it is a strange and high priced one.

How do you like the video? Should Disney drop it next year? I can see why some would suggest that, but I also think it is one of the very few ways the network is allowed to really celebrate the holidays. Most of their series avoid the topic and we do know that their had been a culture shift for many. So I do think they need it for at least that sake alone. It seems like the kids who watch these shows and the stars who are in them, it is an unfair shame that they cannot freely celebrate a very old celebration that makes the writers sound like a bunch of Scrooges as well as the network’s leaders.

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  1. ongshiru

    December 21, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    Its was really great when Zendaya was on theta la lali. Day awesome

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