Debby Ryan & Austin Lynch Duet In Austin & Jessie & Ally Special

Disney Channel recently did another crossover with Jessie and Austin & Ally, which features Austin (Ross Lynch) visiting NYC to perform. While it isn’t a strictly holiday episode like most of Disney’s latest episodes, it is still features holiday elements like when it starts off with Austin doing a holiday show back in his home state of Florida. He expresses how great his year has been, but he still wishes to leave Florida for the New Year, which Ally insist as still possible. Despite of all of his success and fame, Austin longs to be one of the lucky singers to ever sing at Time Square and won’t quit dreaming on that until it happens for him, even though it seems highly unlikely for him that year. Then in typical Disney fashion, Trish comes running in to save the day and shared the good news about Austin being booked for Times Square on New Year’s Eve, except it was her smartphone’s fault and not her own. Poor Austin has to suffer and face the truth from Ally who is asked by Trish to break the news to him. However, Trish is determined to fix her mistake since no one wants to be the bubble buster for poor Austin. It is pretty clear that this episode’s writers wanted to make sure viewers learn not to jump to conclusions.

Luckily, she was able to book him, making Emma happy extremely happy when she learns of the new changers. However, she learns quickly that Jessie won’t let her attend the live show in person due to safety reasons. It is likely a good thing that she doesn’t realize all of the issues that Austin and his friends are dealing with to get there. Between missing flights, to safety landing, it seems like everything that can go wrong with go wrong for him. Emma would panic, sort of like how she did when she bumped into Austin. She practically went crazy, claiming that she wouldn’t leave his side ever. Now while that did work for when Jessie used her rich people connection (which she put it as, “when you know rich people, you can always find a way”)-I doubt it will work for him any other way. Heck, she pushed his friends away just so she can hang out with him yet again. However, in the end it worked for Austin since they were able to drop him off via helicopter and he was able to perform for his fans live.

Sadly, Jessie (Debby Ryan) wasn’t as lucky since Bertrum, Zuri, Ravi and Luke found their way to get to the show, but only to become lost. She somehow found herself in the Big Apple. Poor Jessie panicked as anyone in her shoes would-but with some technical knowledge thanks to Ravi, they were able to save the night, minus the lights in NYC. Thank goodness they had him, even though Disney sort of failed with their stereotypes that they are famous for showing now. The bottom line was that they were able to save her, bring her home in time so poor Austin and friends over. Emma texted him with the number that Trish sold her in attempts to get to know him better so they can date, which he only agreed to for his shoe. As you likely guessed, Emma was responsible for that! Once he arrived and failed to get his shoe and become attacked by her, they are offered to stay there since they have no hotel. This causes Trish to refer to Emma as a blonde, Bill Gates kind of stalker. However, the best line of the night was Ally when she called Emma a cannibal for wanting a frost-bitten toe from Austin (which was a running joke throughout the later half of the episode). She certainly was doing a disservice to Jessie and rest of her family. But as we all know, when you are stranded you can only accept what you are offered. So of course they agreed to stay, even though Austin was creeped out by Emma and likely knew that Jessie was going to take advantage of his musical connections. She certainly become forward with her attempts at fame via him, but in turn they are being used for their rich lifestyle. It certainly is a master plan for a huge screw up and it appears that is what happens with the song lyrics.

Austin and Ally choose to do a duet with Jessie with a song written by Zuri, who she freaks out will find out. While Emma keeps scaring Austin away, and Dez baby sits Luke & Ravi, Jessie is working to keep the truth from coming out, only deciding to do the right thing in the end. Right before the Miami show, she speaks up and pleases everyone around, which in turns causes Zuri to give her blessing for them to use it. It was a good message of honesty thrown in, even though they put a lot of predictable things in the story. At least they had the humor to beef it up and bring a smile to all of our faces. Especially the jokes about the toe, it wasn’t classy but it did add a level of surprise that they needed more of.

Now tell us how you feel or thought about it? Was it a good crossover with good music or should they leave both series alone? I like it better when they each have their own episodes, but as a whole it was a pretty cute one. I am sure that I will be watching it again as Christmas approaches.

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