Daniella Monet & Drake Bell Talk B12 Shots and Holiday Plans

Drake Bell and Daniella Monet both have returned to the small screen in A Fairly Odd Christmas last month, but little do fans know fans know much about them. During a recent Q&A session with Cambio, they opened up about their movie, health and the holidays as a few of the topics of choice. During mid interview, Daniella announced that they both received a vitamin shot of B12 in seat of their pants. She dished that they were working in the cold weather and a doctor felt that they needed an added boost to keep them healthy, which she didn’t deny as of working. However, the topic switched back to a more serious note with their plans for the holidays. Drake shared he is all about family, while Daniella admires the foodie side of herself. You can catch their full Q&A session down below.

I have never heard of the B12 shot, but I think I will have to look into this now. It sounds like a good idea for those of us who are always on the go, hence why they both had the shot done. I won’t say that it isn’t weird, but I am glad that they had it done so they could have the movie out in time for the holidays. So it was a good call to make, even if they did have to deal with an embarrassing story such as getting a shot done in your back side.

How do you like the Q&A? I did since I feel like we don’t know much about them. With his show being history and her own show going away, it feels like we are losing touch way sooner than we should, so it is nice to see that they were able to open up a little. I think we all can agree that we get to understand and know each other better-which I love as a fan of the both of them. They work well together and I would love to see much more of them both, but I will happily settle for this kind of entertainment from them both right now.

article source-Cambio

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