Club Penguin Kicks Off Coins for Change Campaign


Club Penguin has become extremely popular among fans and have made their parent company, Disney a lot of money. However, with that being said they have yet to give back this year end Disney wants to change that with another round of Coins For Change. Yes, every year they hold their annual charity act that allows players to convert their in-game coins for real money to be given to charity. The event is beheld from December 20th to January 2. Club Penguin announced that they will be raising funds by hosting a virtual bake sale that will allow players to but special cookies that hold perks inside. Here is their full announcement.

The Coins For Change program helps players celebrate the true meaning of the holidays by donating the virtual coins that they earn playing games online in Club Penguin to real-world causes that matter to them. For this year’s event, Club Pentuin will host the biggest virtual bake sale ever, with players baking millions of in-game cookies and then buying cookies using their virtual coins to determine where Club Penguin will contribute its annual $1M USD donation. To reward players for participating in Coins for Change, when they virtually buy the special bake sale cookies, they will be transformed into new holiday characters for a short period of time. All players can transform into toy cars, while members are rewarded by transforming into reindeer puffles and ‘frost bites,’ which allow them to temporarily freeze in-world items.

Way to go them for trying to teach kids the value of charity. Hopefully we can expect a lot more of this kind of work from websites like Club Penguin. If we try to teach them this young, maybe we can change the world for the better. I can only hope that this trace of charity and knowledge will be a seed for a very giving generation as they grow older. I know the world needs to see more being done for those who are less fortunate than themselves.

How do you like this news? I am loving it and I wish we had more sites like this one setting a good example. It seems like not many do join this event and to be honest, I am not sure of how many who are even aware of it. I know that I have just become aware of it very recently and I think the word needs to be spread around for it more than it has. I bet once more websites know, more would join and thus, the whole project becomes more successful. The real kicker here will be spreading the word about it and I am not sure how other than to do what we are by reporting about it.

article source-Disney Dreaming

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