Braison Cyrus – Miley’s Younger Brother Starts Modeling Career

Miley Cyrus is known to come from a multi-talented family with the likes of her dad Billy Ray Cyrus, Trace Cyrus, Noah Cyrus and herself of course. But it appears that we know have to make way of her baby brother brother, Braison Cyrus who is a 18 year old model. He recently signed on with the famed Wilhelmina Models and will make his official modeling debut in an issue of Troix Jan/Feb issue. But in the mean time the agency has decided to leak two photos out that E! grabbed a hold of and is now showing on the handsome brother of Miley. You can view the video down below to get a closer look at what the Cyrus’ have kept hidden for a while in their family now.

Braison has turned out to look amazing and he appears to be natural at modeling, according to these photos. I will admit that I am surprised that he doesn’t look that much like Noah or Miley in these photos, but more like his dad Billy Ray. It will be interesting to see where his modeling career takes him as Noah, Trace and Miley both have already kicked started their careers a few years back. The only other Cyrus that we don’t see much of is the older half sister of Miley, Brandi and that could easily change as quick as Braison has.

How do you like the photos? Does he look good, okay or he only landed the gig due to his name? I think he does look really good for his age and he does seem to be posing effortlessly. I think that takes some major kudos as well a lesson that confidence can make a huge improvement for people. We have to remind ourselves that he used to have minor roles in Hannah Montana and look at how he bloomed? He turned out extremely well and I do feel like his level of confidence has a whole lot to do with it.

article source-The Huffington Post image source-Tish Cyrus (via Twitter)

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