Boy Meets World’s Rider Strong Engaged


Any teenage girl back from the 90s can agree that Boy Meets World star Rider Strong was the “bad boy” who stole millions of hearts. Now it seems like he is fully grown up and turned into a nice guy, all thanks to his engagement. Yes, the former wing man of Cory Matthews is now taken and announced his engagement during the midst of the Girl Meets World chatter. Perhaps that is why he popped the question for Alexandra Barreto, who said yes. So far Rider has denied any involvement with the sequel, which could be part of his plan to get in on the action via announcing his engagement which means he needs more work to afford their wedding? Granted, this is all my own idea on how he might be hoping to join the new series. As he previously stated last month, he right now is not tied to it nor are any of his other fellow cast members at the time of his blog post.

Congrats to him and Alexandra! It seems like a year of big news for the former cast and hopefully he will have a healthy marriage to her. As for why this is huge news, I am not sure since he hasn’t been involved in any big projects for a while now. But I suppose it has to do with the fact that he starred in the former hit series that has been brought back to the forefront thanks to the new Disney one. I will admit that with all of this hoopla surrounding the original series, I am hoping they bring back reruns of it soon enough.

Are you happy for Rider? I am. It seems like he is happy and is one example of a former child star who has lived his life right. Hopefully we will see him at least make a few guest appearances on the series if not offered a full role. I mean I think he would help to boost the ratings a lot with the older fans who crushed on him almost 20 years ago. But hey, take that from a former fan of his and of Boy Meets World

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