Behind the Scenes of One Direction Onesie Design

One Direction love to join brands or companies to help to offer their own 1D themed items, such as shoes to dolls. But it only makes sense that they would take something that was part of their trademark look on The X-Factor UK and design a similar item for fans to purchase if they wish to do such. Well, it appears that is about to happen as the boys recently headed to OnePiece headquarters to design a hoodie onesie for their own collection under the brand. For those who were not aware or forgot, the boys wore pretty much nothing but hoodied jumpsuits put out by the same brand during their stint on the show. They boys decided to make their own design hands on by doing hand prints all over it, giving the design a truly authentic 1D feel. You can watch the video of the guys working on their design down below, but please be warned that while that video says pre-orders are open now, the option has yet to appear on the website.

I am not sure what to think about this new partnership. I was never one who adored the whole onesie collection for adults and I sort of find it sad that they are even made for adults. Yes, they do have a purpose and a place, but most people do not live in the North Pole and thus can get by wearing regular fuzzy PJs. So with that being said, I am sort of surprised that they would do deal that is more limited to a certain type of fans. I would think regular hoodies would work better for their collection, prices and the fact that pretty much everybody can wear them without any issues (unlike the jumpsuits).

How do you feel about this design and news? Do you want to buy one and if so, would you wear them? I could see some fans buying them as collectors items, but I really do not see why anyone would want to wear one out of their free will. Granted, these boys are pretty wild and I suppose their fan base can be as well. It will be interesting to hear their sale numbers over time once the collection is released.

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