Become The Star By Buying Air Hogs For Holiday Gifts

Air Hogs Battle Tracker

Do you want to be the relative or friend that shows up to a holiday gift giving session with a gift that both kids and adults want to play with? Something that makes you a star of the room with whispers of “Wow, what a great gift idea” and laughter from the children. Air hogs can make you the coolest adult at the gathering and we introduce you to the Heli Replay and the Battle Tracker from Spin Master.

The neat thing about the Heli Replay is that you can use your iPhone or Android to fly the helicopter which always ups the cool factor, but I still stick with the regular controller. Plus while you may lose the controller or drop it (or run out of batteries), your phone will be ready to go. These new products are also much easier to fly and keep control over than previous versions you have seen or played with based on a control system built in to the device. Find a favorite flight pattern, well the Heli Replay lives up to its name and you can replay your daring flight over and over. This is also the lower price point of the two products and we have already seen that not only the boys like this one, the girls and parents are also keen on flying this helicopter. The copter if pretty durable based on the crashes we have seen and there is a nice learning curve to it that does not frustrate. This is a toy that comes out to play and stays a while as it holds the interest of everyone in the room.

Heli Replay

Fly, record and play back your flight path with the all-new Heli Replay! With 3 ways to fly, you control the aerial action. Choose between a remote control or download the free Flight Control App and start flying straight from your Smartphone. Use onscreen controls to fly the Replay, or activate the accelerometer and tilt your phone in the direction you want to fly! The onboard electronic control system automatically prevents unstable movement, resulting in an exceptionally smooth and precise flight experience. Master the art of flight and replay it time and time again with the Air Hogs Heli Replay!

The Battle Tracker…when we first saw this at Toy Fair we knew it was going to be a winner and to finally get our hands on it we can tell you with certainty it is a toy that is just awesome. There are many different modes to play with the A.R.T. (Automated Robotic Turret) and copter but our favorite was the 2 player manual mode. The single player auto mode has the A.R.T. launch missiles at your copter, but as long as you are moving, you can stay pretty safe and fire foam disks at the turret. The 2 player mode is great as one person has the helicopter and one controls the turret. This allows the person with the turret to try and predict where the copter will be and shoot it down, while the copter can fire disks at the A.R.T. to disable it. We have found that the A.R.T. is the easier of the two if you have varying age levels. My boys (and myself) played with this for a long time, only to find out when we stopped their grandfather took the controls to play even longer!

Battle Tracker

The all-new Air Hogs Battle Tracker delivers head-to-head interactive combat! Take command of the Disc-Launching Helicopter as the A.R.T (Automated Robotic Turret) tracks your every move. Prepare for evasive maneuvers as you dodge powerful missiles aimed to knock you out of the sky. Return fire and disable the A.R.T before it successfully lands a shot. Enter the heat of battle with both single and multiplayer modes:

Single Player: Auto Mode

Take control of the heli and launch disks at the A.R.T antenna. But, beware! A.R.T tracks your every move while releasing a devastating payload of missiles. Don’t underestimate the advanced intelligence tracking system as you go head-to-head in battle.

2-Player: Manual Mode

Easily switch to manual mode using the A.R.T remote control. Face-off against friends and see who will be victorious! Switch roles as you control 2 different advanced weapon systems and discover each of their advantages.

Other Modes

Both the A.R.T and Disk Shooting Helicopter can be controlled independently. Battle them against other Air Hogs vehicles and become the ultimate battle-ready sharpshooter.

Disk Launching Helicopter

Launch your way to victory with the high-powered disk launching heli! The resilient hard-plastic body is armored to withstand all combat scenarios.

So do you want to show up to the holiday gathering with a gift that can’t be beat? Spin Master has you covered with two price points of Air Hog helicopter products. Want to be that favorite relative or friend for the year, show up with one of these and you are well on your way. The fact that they clean up easy, don’t take a whole lot of space, will be used again and again and not collect dust, and involved all the different generations make these gifts worthwhile. Even our younger daughter who can’t fly the copters, still likes to see them zip around the room, in typical Air Hogs (Spin Master) fashion, they put out more winners. The entertainment value is high, and the toys are impressive, just make sure to bring a bunch of batteries.

Note: Heli Replay and Battle Tracker products provided for review by Spin Master

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