The Wanted’s Third Album Pushed Back

The Wanted have been slowly chipping away at the pop charts in the UK and US to topple One Direction as a popular boy band. However, they have been feeling rushed to put out new music as close to One Direction as possible, which has placed them in a tight spot to release their third and first international album. Now Tom Parker admits that their album won’t be out by the end of 2012. He expressed that the band felt that they needed to work on it some more before it would be ready for release. He shared that the band will stay in the studio until their third album is perfect and up to their standards for their biggest release to date.

Wow, I am glad that he came out to address the issue. Fans of The Wanted have been pretty good about being understanding and are willing to wait for more from the band. I suppose in a way we can say that it is was nice and professional thing to do. Yes, it does suck for their fans-but at least it will help to build up more excitement for the actual release whenever that might be. In the mean time we can enjoy the music that they have already released this year in the States.

How do you like The Wanted? Are you bummed out that you will have to wait until new music is ready to come out for more of the band? Yes, but I also respect them that they do not want to release an album that they do not like. It seems like a great step for them to prove that they are not just another manufactured boy band working to bring in money for their management. I think that will work for them in the long run, unlike some of their counterparts in the business.

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  1. chasingsykes93

    December 9, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    I love The Wanted. Can hardly wait for Third Strike! Everyone has different tastes in music, so why fight about some people are bad, the celebrities didn’t do anything to you. To all the TW fans: Love you all #TWFanmily :) @NathanTheWanted @JayTheWanted @TomTheWanted @SivaTheWanted @MaxTheWanted xx

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