Taylor Swift Brings Red To Australia

Taylor Swift has an eventful year with her first film, new album, dating a Kennedy and now dating a member from One Direction. It seems like a lot for one girl, but she has kept plowing through her work and making sure to fulfill her duties such as appearing on the Australian version of The Today Show. She went on the show to promote her new album, Red and to sing a few of her songs like the title track. She also sang “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “I Knew You Were Trouble” during her stop there. While her stop on the show was a good enough reason to be in Australia, she actually was there to sing at the 2012 ARIA Awards. As for what all went down during her stop at their version of Today, you can watch the videos down below.

Well, it seems like Taylor has been having some good luck. It will be interesting to see what she wears to the November 29th awards. I have a feeling it may be as “daring” as her American Music Awards dress was supposed to be. Taylor seems to be wishing to be seen more as a woman than a country princess and therefor I feel like we can start expecting less fairytale kind of outfits at events and more serious looks. I think that could also actually help her benefit more so than her with her former look.

How do you feel about her performance? I think she did a good job, but I am a fan so it doesn’t take much from her for me to say that. I do love how she likes to be a classic beauty in a lot of ways, even if she does have a daring streak that we have seen in the past. However, I will say that her new more glam look may not fit with her music just yet, but with some tweeking I do not see why it couldn’t work for Taylor in the future as she becomes use to it and customizes it.

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