Scooter Braun Hints At A New Talent Project

Justin Bieber’s manager and friend, Scooter Braun is known for signing some of today’s biggest acts besides Justin. He recently helped Cody Simpson, Carly Rae Jepsen, The Wanted and PSY, which all have seen much love across the world for the most part. Now he is teasing that he has someone else in the sidelines and he is excited to make an announcement soon. He recently took to Twitter to share the news that he is working with a new project and he couldn’t be more pleased with whom he is working with right now. Here is the hint that he dished out for fans who are likely eagerly awaiting for the announcement.

Just left the studio with a new artist. Very exciting.

Scooter has always been good at letting fans know when something is up, and it appears this case is no different. I just hope that he isn’t biting off more than he can handle since he does have some pretty big names attached to him already. So that is a concern in my eyes, but I am sure he also has some great people working for him if he making big bucks thanks to the major success he has found with his clients. I just hope that he isn’t trying to rush his business.

Do you have any clue as to who he could be working with? I don’t, but I am hoping it will be someone who is more different than his regular type of client. I think he needs to broaden his horizons a little bit and try to build a mixture of everything. That way he can have all of his based covered and hopefully fully focus on the talent that he has in each one of those categories as he sees fit for each act.

article source-Disney Dreaming

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