Oprah To Air Justin Bieber Interview Next Month

Oprah Winfrey has interviewed some of the world’s most important and famous people, yet seemed to skip Justin Bieber for a long time. Well, she can now officially mark that off her check list since she recently had an interview with him during his Chicago show. They touched on fame, personal life and his music. The show will air on November 25th on OWN, which Oprah runs and currently airs her new show on. She reportedly told Scooter Braun that Justin has been her second biggest interview, which she placed his just below her infamous Michael Jackson one back in the 1990s.

I am glad that she was able to interview him and I do agree that is a huge deal to do so. He is someone who is in demand, even if his big start was a little less than it was two years ago. Either way, he must feel a huge honor of knowing that he is one of her all time biggest starts to interview. That is a pretty wide statement for her to say and while I think we can all agree, I am sure some will feel a little ruffled by her statement.

Are you excited to see her interview with Justin? I think a lot of people will be, but I am curious as to what took her so long? We all know that his popularity peaked around the final season or Oprah aired and that would have been a great time for her to have done the interview with him. While it is better to do it late than never, I do think she is sort of behind the times here since One Direction seem to have Justin beat at this moment. So she might find herself upset by her own timing soon neough.

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