Olivia Holt In Kickin’ It On Our Own Stills on Disney XD

Disney XD and Olivia Holt‘s hit series, Kickin’ It has a huge 1 hour special called “Kickin’ It On Our Own – Part 1 and 2″. In it Uncle Blake offers Rudy a new job, which causes him to quit his old job at the DOJO, in turn only to wind up selling to the Black Dragons. Ty is coaches the Black Dragons then downgrades Rudy and his friends, who report the bad news gets to Rudy, he decides to take matters into their own hands by fighting to win back the dojo. Jillian Michaels guest stars as Rudy’s Aunt Jillian to help them prepare for the fight of their life so far. You can find the photo stills and clip down below at the very bottom. The big episode premieres on November 18th.

It sounds like this episode will be interesting to see! However, I am wondering how come they waited until the holiday season to air it? I would assume that it would have more viewers during the summer or fall, but I suppose they feel like it will do well during the sweeps. At least we know that the show is staying true to their fan base and because of that, I am sure Rudy will get his dojo back. Otherwise the show would pretty much be over and I am sure Disney XD does not want it to end!

How do you feel about this upcoming special? Will it be good or is it more just for views? I say a little bit of both, but it helps that they will have a guest star. That should help to make it special, along with the fact that it doe sort change things up even if it is for one episode. So I am sure their fans will tune in, as well as fans of Jillian will be sure to watch it for her sake. However, I doubt it will do as well as any real holiday themed episodes.

article source-Shine On Media image source-Disney Channel

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