Nina Dobrev Returns As Katherine in Vampire Diaries New Preview

CW has released the new preview for the upcoming November 15th Vampire Diaries episode, “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes”. The preview shows Nina Dobrev as Elena dealing with hallucinations and sad re-appearence of Katherine! The preview shows us the mentally distress that Elena (who sees not so pleasant things thanks to her goes through in the episode, which has a clever title for it. This also appears to be the first episode of the new season. You can catch the preview, which also shows short glimpses of Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley down below at the bottom of this article.

I know some of the series’ fans will be happy to see Katherine return. I think they all felt like without her nothing as as exciting as it could have been more exciting with her featured in it. Well, that appears to be taken care of since I doubt this will be the last time we will see Katherine in a while! She will likely be returning again, which should please those fans who are wanting to see more drama from her on the series.

How do you feel about this preview? Does Nina Dobrev do a good job balancing out both roles? I would say so, but it is sort of hard for anyone I would think. However, she does it like a pro and I don’t think either character suffers because of it. As for what we can expect for Katherine, I am not sure. Hopefully we can expect her to have a huge impact this season again, but I am not sure since they waited so long to bring back her character this season it seems like. While it is better late than never, I do feel like Klaus is being shown more love this season so far than Katherine.

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