Demi Lovato Gets New Ink Done By Kat Von D

Demi Lovato might have expressed her regret over some tattoos, but that clearly did not mean she would stop getting new ink done! She got a flock of birds flying beside her faith tattoo, which she has yet to reveal the meaning of the large tattoo. But perhaps the most note worthy part of it was the fact that famous tattoo artist Kat Von D. Demi shared the news on Twitter and thanked Kat for her new tattoo, which she claims to love and refers to them as her birdies. She also took some time to show off the new ink in a few photos to give her and Kat’s adoring fans a closer look at what wonder handy work was done to her arm. Here is what Demi all shared about her new ink on her arm.

Thank you so much @thekatvond for my new ink!! I think it’s beautiful and I love it!!….and another picture of my new birdies.

Well, I suppose birds are not a bad choice, but I am curious as to what the meaning are behind them? As for Kat’s work, I think she did a great job as usual. She is known for her amazing ink work and I certainly do miss her old TV show. But it is nice to see that a former Disney star is also a fan of Kat and her great skills when it comes to tattoos-which I think we all can agree on even though not all of us will be a fan of tattoos. So good choice for a tattoo artist Demi!

How do you like the birds? I like them, but I am shocked that she would get them done after being so open about regretting certain tattoos. Hopefully she put some special thought into this one since it does cover her forearm and I am sure it would be a royal pain to have removed at a later date. However, it is her choice and if she does wind up regretting those birds-she will have to decide what to do about them then. At least for now she seems to be enjoying the great artwork of Kat Von D.

image source-Demi Lovato (via Twitter) article source-Cambio

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