Cameron Boyce Stars In Disney Channel Spoof

Disney might be serious when it comes to there movies, but even they enjoy mocking their own work every now and then. Case in point, they have a new spoof skit that is supposed to be a TV spot for a fake movie called “The Day Before Yesterday”. It appears to be a spoof of past hit horror and action films from the past. The fake trailer features some of the network’s stars (such as Cameron Boyce & Peyton List), even though they all are placed as strange characters. While it was done to promote their own online videos and TV series that actually air, it was also done in fun to help drum up interest during the end of their sweeps month. You can catch the funny, yet strange video down below to see their spoof of many great movies, scenes and characters through out the years of Hollywood.

I am a fan of spoofs, so I am glad that they made a fun one, even if it isn’t something that we would normally expect from Disney. I think that is why we like it as much as we do, since nobody would expect this from them at all. So major props do belong to Disney on that front, even if the spoof clearly had no point or even really made any sense. It was a true mark of creativity on their end. As for how the fans react, I wouldn’t be surprised if some fans request for it to actually be made as a movie!

How do you like the spoof? Does it do Disney and their stars justice? I think so, but I always feel like spoofs can do wonders for celebrities if they are done well-like this one was. Now while I do say that Disney did a good job on this one, I was surprised that none of their big stars like Zendaya Coleman or Debby Ryan were featured in it. But I also suppose in the end they do not need that extra kind of support..

article source-Disney Dreaming

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