Austin & Jessie & Ally Crossover Preview Released

Disney Channel loves crossovers and recently announced a special, upcoming crossover between Jessie and Austin & Ally. Well, we now have the first promo for the special entitled, “Austin & Jessie & Ally”. The special will show Austin preparing for what appears to be a New Year’s Eve show at Time Square, which is nearby where everyone’s favorite nanny lives. You can catch the preview down below along with some bonus Austin & Ally extras, such as Ross Lynch and Laura Marano’s interviews. As for when the holiday special will air, it will come on December 7th.

I am glad that Debby Ryan’s show has been doing so well. I really love it and I think it has some great examples of how people should react during tough times. As for Austin & Ally, I am torn on that show. The concept is great, but I feel like it is marketed for really young kids and not something would bode well with the above age seven crowd. While I am likely wrong by seeing how much love Ross receives, I am trying to find something of value from it.

How do you like both shows? Will a crossover work or not? I am not sure, like I expressed before I don’t think they have the same target audience, which could cause issues for them. However, I am hopeful that they can make it work and have a good turn out in viewers. It certainly helps that it is a holiday special and that should give it a fairly decent push for more viewers than if it wasn’t holiday themed. I know that has helped to make this more appealing to me, of course along with the fact that Debby and her cast will be in it. However, if this was a summer special I am not sure if it would work out as good for both shows.

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  1. Caitlin

    November 14, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    I agree that the two shows have different audiences, but I believe it is Austin and Ally that skews older. Jessie seems to be MUCH more targeted at children (the bathroom humour, the age of the characters). I’m also surprised you consider Jessie a model for reacting in tough times, since the characters on the show are rich, upper-class new yorkers that live in a penthouse. I like the show, but I think it relies heavily on the precociousness of the children and not on Debby Ryan.

    Austin and Ally I am less familiar with (my kids are younger and the teenagers don’t resonate with them as well), but it seems to be a solid show about friendship with the goofy redhead leading the charge of “funny”.

  2. Lorie

    November 15, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    My nine-year-old likes both shows and would enjoy a crossover. The younger ones will watch, too.

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