The Ready Set Releases Give Me Your Hand Acoustically

The Ready Set has been chipping away at touring and getting their music out there, so it makes sense that he would release an acoustic version of “Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)”. So that is what he did! He just released the video of their acoustic take on the song. The video shows the boys (which include his backing band) recording it and they all had a lot of fun re-recording their song that has taken on a storm of new fans for the act. You can catch the acoustic version in the video down below if you curious to hear the more bare bone version of their song. For those who are eager for more music, it is slated for a new album to come out next year.

I am glad that Jordan Witzigreuter (who is the guy behind The Ready Set) is working hard to promote his music. It is a big step in the right direction for him to take on for his career. I can only hope that he can continue to find success with his musical career. I would hate to see him suffer the fate of an one hit wonder, so I am not going to get too excited yet. I am hoping that he will have a real, new single come out soon that helps to prove that he is more than just an one hit wonder.

How do you feel about the acoustic version Will Jordan survive the one hit wonder phase and be able to find more success? I think he could, but he seems to be sadly over looked by much of the media. I wish that he would gain more attention, but since he isn’t a member of a boy band that doesn’t seem to receive much attention as he should. At least we all do have a chance to hear his acoustic version to keep us happy until next year.

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