Taylor Lautner To Have Twilight Spin Off?

We have heard rumors about the Twilight Saga not really ending with Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2, which has raised some eyebrows. Robert Pattinson has spoken up and Summit/Lions Gate has squashed those rumors previously. Now we are once again hearing the saga won’t end with the Twilight franchise. Instead, they are hoping to launch a TV series or movie spin off that focuses on the werewolves. Right now Summit hasn’t said if they will follow Jacob or another werewolf in his pack, or even if Taylor Lautner has become attached. In fact, no official word can be found as far as I have seen, but with all of the rumors it does appear to be in the works.

I am not sure how I feel about this. I would much rather see them take on the story with the original cast and characters, but I can understand how they are ready to move on. Maybe Stephenie Meyer will be able to write the original book from Edward’s view as she has started and never finished? Then they could make a movie off that? However, Summit clearly doesn’t want the big train of cash flow to abruptly end once the film leaves theaters. They could clearly take a cue from Warner Bros. on how to move on from a hit franchise.

How do you feel about this rumor? Should they write a movie or a series about the wolf pack? I think it is a lukewarm idea. If Taylor does not become attached, I am not sure how people will perceive it. However, if he does and they can write a good plot-then it could go far. Right now it is a huge risk to make and without much info on it, it is hard to judge how fans will react. Hopefully Summit will put some serious thought into it before they give the spin off a green light.

article source-Disney Dreaming

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